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Stampd Surf collection

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"I hate distance. You meet the best people and they are always far away."

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Aku sih yes. Hahaha. You? at Grya Bamboo - kost artistik – View on Path.

"Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels."

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What does look beautiful not entirely in joy. What seems so dark could be a light for certain kind of emptiness that seems never end. The sun shines too bright from the ground, even it looks so gorgeous from the distance. What is hiden behind the prettiness is could be aomething you are grateful not having. What you see may not what you expect uou judge. You just dont know. You just see from your sight. Do you forget about the truth of reality? When the the cover tickles but the story pages tears you. When mirror seems like a trick. When you know nothing but illusion. at Grya Bamboo - kost artistik – View on Path.

Jadi gadis desa hari ini. 😂😂😂 at PT.Varnion Technology Semesta – View on Path.

Khamsa/hamsa predates Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Popular in Middle East and Africa.

The Hand (Khamsa), particularly the open right hand, is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power, and strength, and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye. – View on Path.

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